X-Ray Imaging

Radiograph of the pelvis and rear legs

X-Rays or radiography have been used for decades in animal medicine and even longer in humans.  The equipment has been modified in size and build to accommodate dogs and cats.  Radiographs are an excellent option for diagnosing because typically they do not require sedation.  X-Rays are a great option when you are examining bones, foreign bodies, heart size and defects, lung lesions, some tumors, and even urinary stones just to name a few examples.  In some cases, the doctor may suggest giving your pet a little barium, a radiographic dye, that can help in diagnosing foreign bodies, intussusception, or abnormalities in gut movement. 

Since these images are digital, we can get immediate images with crystal clear quality.  They are very easy to send by email to other veterinarians or make a CD with the images saved on it.  We are also able to quickly get images to the Orthopedic Foundation for Animals (OFA).  By sending digital radiographs for OFA, results are usually available in 2-3 weeks verses the old turn around time of 6-8 weeks.   

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