Ear Mites

Ear mites are a very tiny mite that live in the ear canal.  It may appear that your pet has “coffee grounds” in their ears.  The symptoms of ear mites are scratching at their ears and/or frequently shaking their head.  Ear mites are diagnosed by either viewing a small amount of the “ear wax” under a microscope or by examining the ear canal with an otoscope.  There are several ear medicines that can be used to treat ear mites.  Both dogs and cats can get ear mites and they are contagious to other pets that maybe in close proximity to the infected animal.  There is no risk of human infection.  Ear mites are common in young kittens and puppies, especially those housed with other puppies and kittens, but they can be present in dogs and cats of all ages.  Ear infections in adult animals are more likely to be from bacteria and yeast, not ear mites.  So it is important to get a sample of the ear wax stained and viewed under a microscope to make sure the source of the infection.

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