If you need to go out of town on vacation, for business, or for family reasons, we are here to watch your pet.  We have a large indoor boarding facility that can house dogs and cats, separately.  Dogs are walked outside or allowed to do their business in one of the large runs on the back of the building.  This area is enclosed and covered but not climate controlled.  It is only used to allow the dogs to use the bathroom.   We feed Science Diet Adult, a mixture of canned and dry once a day unless asked to feed twice a day.  You may choose to bring your pet’s own food for us to feed, too.  If your pet is on medication, bring that when you drop them off and we will administer it as directed.  We have multiple sizes of cages and indoor runs that are appropriate for different size pets. 

The cats have two different rooms that they may be housed in.  We typically feed Iams Adult dry food.  If your cat is on a special diet or needs medications, we are happy to accommodate that too, just bring them with you.  

All pets that enter the clinic for baths, treatment, boarding, etc. and are left at our clinic will be given a Capstar (flea control that last 24 hours) at the owner’s expense.  The only exception is if your pet is on Nexgard and we can track that you have been purchasing and giving it on a regular basis.  All pet must be up to date on their Rabies vaccine.  Dogs must also have Bordetella (Kennel Cough) vaccine every 6 months if they are being left at the clinic. 

Remember, we are a hospital first and do our very best at quarantining pets that may be contagious.  It is not recommended that puppies or kittens who have not completed their vaccinations be left in a boarding facility.  

Boarding area at Shelley Drive Animal Clinic

Indoor runs at Shelley Drive Animal Clinic

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