Pet Dental Care

As leading veterinarians in Tyler, Texas we offer extensive and thorough pet dental care.  It doesn't matter if your pet's teeth have never been examined or if your pet is experiencing pain in the mouth, we can help.  Our veterinary team is excited to take care of you pet's dental needs.  

Pet Dental Care At Shelley Drive Animal Clinic

Why Pet Dental Care

When it comes to pet dental care, your dog and cat need to have dental treatments just like humans do.  The teeth, gums, and mouth of dogs and cats contain bacteria and gather debris.  If this dental tartar and other debris, such as impacted hairs,  are not cleaned away from the teeth and gums periodically, it leads to tooth decay and periodontal disease.   If not treated, this can cause tooth, gum and bone loss, along with extreme pain for your pet.

Pet's have periodontal disease too.   However a better name for it may be periodontal infection.  If your pet had an infection any other place, we would treat it, but for some reason periodontal infection if often times over looked.  It is documented that almost 80% of dogs have some level of periodontal disease by the age of 3 years and 70% of cats have periodontal disease by the same age.  There are other reasons that one should consider annual teeth cleaning for your pet.  Keeping your dog or cat on an annual cleaning routine helps prevent premature loss of teeth and even things that you probably didn't know about.  For example, periodontal disease can increase the likelihood of your pet developing certain heart conditions.  The bacteria that are in the mouth can make their way to the blood stream which passes through the heart.  Often times these bacteria will attach to the heart valves and cause a murmur.  Some heart murmurs are benign but others can lead to more critical problems like congestive heart failure.  

Research also indicates that combined with a healthy diet, dogs and cats that had regular teeth cleaning lived 30% longer.  

What to Expect With Teeth Cleaning

To get started with better caring for your pet’s teeth and gums, begin with a comprehensive cat or dog teeth cleaning.  This allows our vet and vet technician to examine the gums, tongue, teeth, and overall structure of your pet’s mouth.  We are able to identify early indicators of gum disease, infection, and oral cancer.  This allows our veterinarian to begin treatment as soon as possible to reduce the damage to your pet’s oral health.

When to Visit for Pet Dental Care

We recommend bringing your pet for dental care on an annual basis.  Typically, we will be able to schedule dental treatments including teeth cleaning as part of your pet’s annual wellness exam.  However, if your pet is suffering from mouth pain, is unable to eat, or has traumatic mouth injuries, please contact our vet as soon as possible.  If left untreated, dental problems including broken canines or infected gums will most often lead to more serious and costly health problems.

                               BEFORE ULTRASONIC SCALING                                                                                     AFTER ULTRASONIC SCALING

Dental Before Ultrasonic Cleaning

Dental After Ultrasonic Cleaning

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