International Health Certificates

International Health Certificates are for pets that are traveling outside of the United States.  This type of health certificate is much lengthier process with a lot of paperwork involved.  It is best to plan ahead as some countries may require examinations and testing up to 6 months in advance of travel date.

International health certificates require not only an USDA accredited veterinarian exam and signature but may also require an endorsement from the USDA, which is located in Austin, Texas.  Everything must be either mailed or hand delivered to Austin, we are not allowed to fax or email anything.  All cost involved are the owner's responsibility.  

Some countries require a Rabies Titer.  This is a blood sample that is sent to Kansas State to be tested to prove adequate immunity to the Rabies virus.  

It is recommended to visit the country's website or call the foreign consulate to confirm requirements needed for international travel as they may include additional testing, documentation, or quarantine.  This information can change at any time and information found online may not always be up to date and accurate.  This is not our responsibility; it is the owners.  We are happy to assist with this and can help you weed through what is necessary.  It is critical to have an appointment for this type of health certificate as it can take a lot of time to get everything filled out correctly. 

To see what requirements are needed by country you may use the following website:

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