Shelley Drive Animal Clinic does bathes too!  However, we are not groomers.

Pets are brushed prior to their bath and then bathed with either a flea shampoo, aloe and oatmeal shampoo, or medicated shampoo depending on their needs.  We will also express their anal glands while in the bathtub.   After their bath we will clean their ears, trim their nails, dry them, and then brush them out again.      

The only “grooming” that we do is a complete shave with a #10 blade.  We are able to leave the “mane” of hair on the head and the tail if owners would like.  No schnauzer cuts, poodle cuts, teddy bear faces, etc.

We will also bathe and/or shave cats.  Some cats will tolerate this and others will not.  If we do not feel that we can safely bath your cat – for our safety or kitty’s safety – we will call you to let you know.  We also do cat baths or shaves with anesthesia.   

No shaves on Mondays or Saturdays.  All shaves will be bathed.

We ask that you call us to set up a day for bathing or shaving.  All baths and/or shaves need to be at the clinic between 7:30 and 8:00 AM, Monday - Friday.  We will call you whenever we are finished with your pet, but we do close at 5:30 PM, Monday – Friday.

We have limited space available for baths on Saturday so please call in advance to make sure we will be able to get them done.  We close at noon on Saturdays.

All pet must be up to date on their Rabies vaccine.  Dogs must also have Bordetella (Kennel Cough) vaccine every 6 months if they are being left at the clinic.  

Dog sitting looking up


Dog taking a bath

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