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Keeping your pet healthy from day to day can prove to be quite a challenge, especially when you consider the many germs that inhabit our everyday environment. If you want to safeguard your pet against dangerous diseases, you need to be thinking about vaccinations. That's where Shelley Drive Animal Clinic enters the picture. Our Tyler veterinary center can provide your pet with the vaccinations he needs to stay safe and enjoy a healthy life.

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The Importance of Pet Vaccines

Pet vaccines play a critical role in defending your pet against organisms that might otherwise cause serious or even fatal diseases. Your pet’s immune system functions by tracking down germs and foreign bodies and eliminating them before they can cause harm. Unfortunately, some germs are so hazardous that even a single exposure can prove too much for an unprepared animal. Vaccines are inert versions of the germs which serve as "stand-ins" for the real thing. While they cannot infect your pet with the disease that they impersonate, they do elicit a response from the immune system, which begins producing antibodies against that disease. Your pet's body can now protect itself against that germ for as long as the vaccine remains potent, usually 1 to 3 years.

A Lifetime of Vaccinations for Your Pet

Shelley Drive Animal Clinic can provide your pet with a lifetime of disease protection. We start by administering core vaccinations, starting at around 6 weeks of age. Core vaccinations are the shots that guard against some of the most common and dangerous germs faced by pets. These vaccinations vary slightly from species to species. Dogs need core vaccinations against rabies, hepatitis, distemper, and parvovirus. Cats need core vaccinations against rabies, calicivirus, rhinotracheitis, and panleukopenia. Core pet vaccinations are repeated, in the form of booster shots, on a pre-determined schedule to make sure that your pet doesn't experience any critical gaps in his immunity.

Elective vaccinations may also be a good idea for some pets. These vaccinations offer protection against germs that represent environment-specific or situation-specific threats. If, for example, your pet spends lots of time in boarding environments or close quarters with other animals, we'll want to vaccinate him against highly communicable diseases such as "kennel cough" (Bordetella bronchiseptica). Like core vaccinations, elective vaccinations require periodic reinforcement through booster shots.

Call Our Veterinarian in Tyler, TX

Administering pet vaccines is a simple procedure, but one that could make all the difference in your pet's health for years to come. Take this important step by calling our veterinarian in Tyler TX at (903) 561-7373 and scheduling an appointment!

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