Diagnostic Imaging

Diagnostic imaging has come a long way in veterinary medicine.  Advances in the human field have helped set the tone for animals.  Imaging is a great diagnostic tool.  There are many options at our clinic including digital flat x-rays, digital dental x-rays, and ultrasound.  One of the things that make these such great options is they are typically non-invasive and they give the doctor a lot of insight into what maybe going on with your family member.  Also, generally speaking, flat film radiographs and ultrasound do not require anesthesia.  OFA and dental, however do.  At Shelley Drive Animal Clinic, we pride ourselves on having the latest state of the art equipment.  We have the Heska Cuattro High Definition Digital Radiography Unit, Samsung Ultrasound System with Prestige Superior Image Quality, and Schick Computer Digital Oral Radiography.  Our doctors continue to go to continuing education classes to stay up to date on techniques and diagnostic instructions. 

We have large number of veterinarians in East Texas refer patients to see Dr. Twomey, Dr. Carlson, or Dr. Maris for ultrasounds.  We appreciate the referrals and the opportunity to assist in the diagnostic work up on your pet!

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