Tapeworms do not typically cause clinical signs in dogs or cats.  The most common tapeworm that our companions are infected with is caused from eating a flea.  Pets most likely ingest the flea from self-grooming.  Tapeworms are long, flat segmented worms that attach to the intestinal wall of the host animal.  Each segment is called a proglottid and usually that is what owner’s notice when it is passed through the stool.  The segments that you may see are described a “white rice-like worms” even though they are only one segment of the much larger adult.  Again, these intestinal worms do not generally cause a pet to become ill, but they are unsightly to say the least!  Usually these worms are diagnosed from visual description or exam.  Typically, they cannot be seen on a fecal float.  A pill is given to treat for this parasite but a topical maybe prescribed for some cats.  

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