Ticks are an external parasite commonly found on dogs and cats.  They attach to your pet’s skin so that they can get a blood meal.  They are actually an arachnid, like spiders and scorpions.  Though the tick may only cause mild and localized inflammation on the skin, they can carry many different diseases that can be fatal to your pet.  Common areas on your dog or cat where ticks may hide are in the groin area, between the toes, in and around the ears, under collars or in the eyelids.

There are several different medications that can be used to help prevent ticks from getting on your pet.  Some include oral medications (given by mouth) or topical treatments (applied to the skin).  NexGard is a once a month chewable tablet for dogs for the treatment of fleas and ticks and currently the prevention of choice at our clinic.  Cats can be very sensitive or reactive to flea and tick preventatives, especially those that can be purchased over-the-counter.  We currently recommend Revolution for cats.  Revolution is a once a month topical medication that treats and prevents fleas, ticks, and many other parasites.  Never use a dog flea and tick preventative on a cat.  Talk to one of our friendly staff members to see what option is best for your pet.  

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