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Importance of Routine Pet Teeth Cleaning

Pet Teeth Cleaning

Many dog owners believe that professional cleaning is only essential when the pet has an issue with chewing, or there is an obvious dental challenge. If you are in this category, you may be putting your dog’s dental health in jeopardy. Routine dental cleanings are recommended by veterinarians at least once per year and even more frequent for dogs at risk of gum disease and other oral issues.

Is your dog due for a dental cleaning in Tyler, TX? Book an appointment with us at Shelley Drive Animal Clinic for help from our animal hospital to save your dog’s dental health. Here are some reasons you should not skip routine dog teeth cleaning with a veterinarian at our animal hospital and elsewhere.

To Unearth Unseen Dental Issues

During dental cleanings, we don’t go straight to scraping and polishing teeth. We physically examine your dog’s teeth and gums, and we may take dental x-rays to pinpoint problems that you even don’t know existed. Dental exams can help identify early signs of cavities, gum disease, jaw misalignment, and other issues to devise a treatment plan to restore your pet’s dental health to what it used to be.

To Prevent Gum Disease

Giving your canine friend dental-friendly chews to boost their oral health is a good idea. This at-home oral care practices can work, but you may need the help of a veterinarian to mount an all-rounded oral care plan for your dog.

Routine dental cleaning eliminates stubborn tartar buildup, eliminating gum disease-causing bacteria. Plus, dental cleaning helps access tight spots not reachable by at-home oral cleaning.

To Avert Tooth Loss

Cavities start as small holes but soon develop into larger pits that become infected, leading to tooth loss. Dental cleanings help prevent cavities by eliminating bacteria that encourage enamel erosion.

Protect Overall Health

Poor oral hygiene may cause problems beyond your pet’s mouth. Inflamed gums produce toxins that may seep into the bloodstream, causing damage to the kidney, liver, and heart. Dental cleaning eliminates harmful bacteria in the mouth, protecting the overall body health.

Contact Our Animal Hospital for Pet Dental Care and Vet Care

Want to schedule a dental cleaning for your dog? Book an appointment with us at Shelley Drive Animal Clinic serving Tyler, TX, for routine teeth cleaning and other vet care services.

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