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Pets and Pregnancy: What to Expect

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Breeding pets is a huge responsibility. You need to learn a lot about the signs of pet pregnancy, caring for your pregnant pet, and caring for newborn animals. Dogs demand a high responsibility during pregnancy, and caring for their puppies is no simple task. Working with a veterinarian will help you avoid complications. At Shelley Drive Animal Clinic, we have years of experience helping Tyler, TX residents deal with pet pregnancy.

Signs Your Dog Is Pregnant 

Dogs typically carry pregnancies for between 62 and 64 days. However, the exact date of delivery depends on the real size and letter size. You can tell your dog is pregnant by having our veterinarian conduct a diagnostic test like an ultrasound hormone test, X-ray, or palpation test. Other common signs of dog pregnancy include:

  • Weight gain
  • Swollen belly
  • Increase in appetite
  • Increase in nipple size
  • They tire more easily
  • Irritability
  • They are more affectionate
  • Nesting behavior

Furthermore, during the first few days of the pet pregnancy, some dogs may have a decreased appetite and may even vomit because of changes in the hormones.

How to Care for a Pregnant Dog

After you confirm your dog is pregnant, there are few steps you can take to help care for her. These steps include:


Your dog will eat 35 to 50% more food during pet pregnancy. However, you need to increase the intake gradually and feed your dog frequent small meals. Large males can make them uncomfortable. Moreover, it is risky to change your dog's diet within the first two-thirds of the pregnancy without the guidance of a veterinarian.


Exercise is important for your dog's health. However, you should limit strenuous exercise during the first two weeks of pregnancy and the last trimester. You can engage your dog in normal exercise during the last stages of the pregnancy.

Visits to the Veterinarian

It would help to visit the veterinarian for a prenatal check-up. Our veterinarian in Tyler TX will check for intestinal parasites or deworm your dog using appropriate medication. You should also deworm your dog about 40 days into the pregnancy. Furthermore, you should conduct regular veterinarian visits and ask your veterinarian what to do in case of an emergency. Our veterinarian will also explain your role during labor, how to prepare for the litter, and caring for the puppies.

Visit Our Veterinarian in Tyler, TX for Pet Pregnancy Guidance

If you are looking for assistance in dealing with a dog pregnancy, call Shelley Drive Animal Clinic today at (903) 561-7373.

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