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Signs Your Dog Is Pregnant

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Is Your Dog Pregnant?

Do you suspect that your dog is pregnant? Noticing your pet's pregnancy as soon as possible is vital to taking care of your precious animal. If your dog has mated, it is especially important to get veterinary care. At Shelley Drive Animal Clinic in Tyler, TX, we can help your pet with a pregnancy test or ultrasound.

Signs of Pregnancy

There are a few signs and symptoms of pregnancy that you can watch for in your dog. Getting your dog veterinary care as soon as possible can help avoid any medical complications in the pregnancy.

Reduced Activity

Is your active dog showing signs of reduced activity? She could be pregnant! Dogs are usually very active animals and love to run around and play. A sudden decrease in activity or playfulness is cause for concern. For dogs that are usually not very active, observe her behavior. If she gets tired after doing even the smallest of tasks, she could be pregnant.

Changes in Appetite

During the first few days of your pet’s pregnancy, she may have a reduced appetite. This is one of the earliest signs that can indicate your dog's condition. The decreased appetite may be accompanied by nausea and vomiting. These symptoms are the equivalent of "morning sickness" in humans. However, as your dog’s pregnancy progresses, her appetite may increase, leading to weight gain.

A Bigger Belly

As the fetuses grow in your dog’s belly, it enlarges. A bigger belly is the clearest indication that your dog is pregnant. However, if you are sure your animal has not mated recently and still has an unusually enlarged belly, take her to our clinic for a check-up. It may be a sign of another disease.

Behavioral Changes

Various dogs behave differently when they are pregnant. Some will want their own space to ensure they are not disturbed. Pregnant dogs may show aggressiveness when you try to touch them. However, other dogs might seek pampering from their owners. Keep an eye out for any behavioral changes so you can recognize your pet's condition early on.

Other signs of pet pregnancy include the development of breasts, a change in nipple color, or vaginal discharge.

Visit Us for Pregnancy Care

You don't have to keep guessing whether your dog is pregnant or not. Our team of veterinarians at Shelley Drive Animal Clinic in Tyler, TX can help you. We offer various tests to determine your pet's condition and will recommend a treatment plan. Call us today to book your appointment.

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