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Pet Orthopedic Surgery FAQ

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Pet Orthopedic Surgery FAQ

Pet injuries are tough and can cause a lot of pain for your furry loved one. Whether it is a broken bone that needs to be reset or a torn tendon, here at Shelley Drive Animal Clinic in Tyler, TX, we provide a variety of orthopedic surgeries for your pet. If you have concerns, here are some frequently asked questions and answers regarding the procedures.

What injuries need pet orthopedic surgery?

Any injury that involves bones, joints, tendons, or muscles could require orthopedic surgery. This could include bone breaks, torn ligaments, joint tears, or even amputation.

What does pet orthopedic surgery do?

It depends on the injury and the type of care your pet needs. At our veterinarian office, we perform fracture repairs using plates, screws, and/or pins, anterior cruciate repairs (ACL tear), either extracapsular, for smaller pets, or tibial plateau leveling osteotomy (TPLO) for larger pets, amputations, or tibial crest surgery.

Is pet orthopedic surgery a last resort?

In some cases, orthopedic pet surgery is absolutely necessary for your pet to achieve the best possible quality of life. This could be when a tendon is ruptured or when a bone is crushed beyond repair. In other cases, physical therapy and other forms of therapy can help with an orthopedic injury. In these situations, orthopedic surgery is not necessarily required.

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At Shelley Drive Animal Clinic, we will provide the best possible pet care. From orthopedic surgery to routine annual visits and every sort of appointment in between, we can get your pet back on the right foot and get their tail wagging in no time. If you are in the Tyler, TX area, we would love to see you. Please stop by or give us a call today!

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