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Pet Boarding FAQs

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Shelley Drive Animal Clinic Answers Your Pet Boarding FAQs

When pet owners must be out of town for vacation, work, or other personal matters, they want to know their animal companions are well cared for in a safe, healthy, and caring environment. At Shelley Drive Animal Clinic in Tyler, TX, we offer quality pet boarding, so you can feel at ease about your pet’s care while you are away. Here are a few of the frequently asked questions we receive about our pet boarding services.

What should I look for in good pet boarding facility?

A pet boarding facility should be clean, well-lighted and organized. There should be separate areas for dogs and for cats. The facility should have sufficient staff to care for the number of animals boarded there. The staff should be experienced in animal behavior and handling to ensure compassionate care and proper attention.

Is there a protocol in place for when an animal gets sick?

Animals at our facility are carefully monitored for any signs of illness. The veterinarian will be notified of a potential illness.

What vaccinations are required for boarding?

Pets should have received all the core vaccines appropriate for their species, as well as the bordetella vaccine.

Should I bring my pet’s own food from home?

Because animals often develop digestive upsets with changes in food, it’s always a good idea to bring your pet’s usual food from home for feeding while they are in boarding.

What exercise and attention will my pet receive?

Animals will be checked every morning, taken them out to go to the bathroom, and provide food and water. During the day, they will receive attention and affection. An exercise period should be provided each day. Before bedtime, animals should be given another opportunity to go to the bathroom and then should be settled down with toys or treats.

Can you administer my pet’s medications as needed?

We will ensure you pet receives needed medications on the required schedule if you provide these when you drop off your pet for boarding.

Make Shelley Drive Animal Clinic Your Veterinarian For Pet Boarding

The staff at Shelley Drive Animal Clinic in Tyler, TX are committed to providing the highest quality care for all their patients and boarding guests. We offer a broad range of veterinary care, which can be provided if your pet needs it during their stay. Call Shelley Drive Animal Hospital today at 903-561-7373 to reserve boarding for your pet.

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