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Why it is important to get your pets teeth cleaned

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4 Reasons Why It's Important to Get Your Pet’s Teeth Cleaned

Keeping your pet's teeth cleaned is a great way to prevent future dental problems and improve his overall health. Scheduling annual dental services is an excellent way to stay proactive, as these can play a key role in preventing inflammation and other dental-related issues.

Here are a few of the top reasons to consider pet dental services from a veterinarian in Tyler, TX, at Shelley Drive Animal Clinic.

#1 Extends Lifespan

Oral disease can cause bacteria to get into the bloodstream and create significant problems for your pet's heart, liver, or kidney, which can shorten the lifespan of your animal if it is not treated promptly. However, you can prevent such a devastating scenario by staying proactive and keeping your pet's teeth cleaned on an annual basis.

#2 Prevents Bad Breath

Another reason to consider pet dental services is that it helps to prevent bad breath. Many dental problems can cause terrible smells without proper cleaning. Fortunately, you can easily avoid this situation by ensuring your pet receives professional teeth cleaning services.

#3 Minimizes Tooth Loss

Tooth loss can occur once bacteria gets underneath the gums. Abscesses can also form at the roots of the teeth without proper care. This issue is an extremely painful condition that can result in a pet losing all of his teeth if the problem isn't addressed. Getting dental cleanings early in your pet's life is an effective way to avoid such a dire situation.

#4 Reduces Pain

Sore and inflamed gums are very painful for any animal. Abscesses and infections can create long-term pain without proper treatment. You may notice that your pet will only eat soft food while avoiding dry food due to the pain. Reaching out to our veterinarian in Tyler, TX, is always a good idea to help you find the source of the pain as soon as possible.

Contact Shelley Drive Animal Clinic to Learn More About Dental Care

Shelley Drive Animal Clinic specializes in dental care and provides this service to pets in Tyler, TX, and surrounding areas. Our goal is to always offer top-quality services for each pet. Give us a call at 903-561-7373 to learn more about the importance of keeping your pet's teeth cleaned on a regular basis.

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