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Ticks and Fleas the Warning Signs of Infestation

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Signs of Ticks & Fleas in a Pet at Shelley Drive Animal Clinic

When someone welcomes a pet into their home, they are taking on a significant responsibility. Like their human counterparts, there is a chance that health problems might arise with dogs and cats. One of the problems that people might notice, has to do with ticks & fleas. Those who have experienced this problem before know that this can be a significant issue. Therefore, it is important for pet owners to take notice as early as possible. There are a few signs of a tick or flea infestation that people should know about. We at Shelley Drive Animal Clinic are here to make sure everyone in Tyler, TX gets their advice from a trained veterinarian.

Signs of an Infestation from Ticks and Fleas

If your pet has ticks or fleas, there are a few signs to note. These include:

Itching: One of the most common reactions your pets may have to an infestation of ticks and fleas is excessive itching. The bites from these tiny pests can be painful and annoying, which leads to lots of itching and scratching.

Hair Loss: Pets with tick or flea infestations might also start to lose hair. This happens as a result of the continuous scratching. Patches of hair will start to fall out from where the animal has been scratching the most, due to the trauma on the skin.

Rashes: As the hair falls out, the skin underneath will be revealed. This skin is going to look red and inflamed. Pet owners might actually be able to see ticks or fleas on the surface of the skin.

Any pet with these symptoms needs to be seen by a trained veterinarian as quickly as possible.

Rely on the Team from Shelley Drive Animal Clinic

It is important for everyone to know that there is a reliable veterinarian in Tyler, TX to take care of their pets when they need it most. We at Shelley Drive Animal Clinic are here to serve that purpose. Our providers are trained to deliver expert care to your pet. To learn more about how we can help you, please call us today at (903) 561-7373, to make an appointment.

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