Updated: March 17, 2021
As of March 10, 2021, Governor Greg Abbott announced the the statewide mas mandate would be lifted and businesses could begin operating at full capacity, stating the time had come for "businesses and families in Texas have the freedom to determine their own destiny."  Smith County and surrounding counties at this time have agreed with him and no city/county restrictions have been implemented.

SO.......Shelley Drive Animal Clinic is operating in a similar manner as we were PRE COVID with a few exceptions!  

***Due to the overwhelming amount of "catch up" work to be done, here is a list of things still in place.

1. Appointments, drop offs, pick ups, etc, LIMIT OF 3 PEOPLE (If you have your family with you, we kindly ask they they stay in the car) in the LOBBY - MASK OR NO MASK.  If you are uncomfortable with the number of people in the lobby, WAIT or feel free to CALL US and let us know you are here. 

2. We are back to scheduling ALL SERVICE appointments.

3. We are accepting "drop-offs" ONLY at this time - NO WALK INS, NO EXCEPTIONS!  All "drop offs" must be here by 9:00am  and NO later, otherwise please wait until the next day and be here before 9:00am.  Also, please call to let us know that you are planning on dropping your pet off and for what services.  You may also make an appointment, however appointment wait times are now up to 2 weeks out.  Again, we ask for patience. :)

4. If you do "drop" your pet off, they must be up-to-date on vaccinations.  If proof of vaccinations cannot be provided, we will vaccinate them if they are well enough, this is at doctor's discretion.  This includes Bordetella (kennel cough, every 6 months) and Capstar for flea treatment (unless on Nexgard or like product that we can see has been purchased).

5. Kennel operations are resuming too.  We are accepting boarding and baths.  However, ask that you give a 1-2 day notice for these services.  Baths need to be dropped off no later than 9:00am!   

Believe us, we know these changes and wait times can be frustrating but hang in there with us - hopefully we are on track to being back to normal!  :)

Our staff is continuing to work diligently to provide more strict infection control for everyone's safety.  This includes increased disinfection measures within the clinic.  Below is a list of changes as of 12-8-2020...

While your pets are not a common known risk factor, public spaces are, which is why we are implementing the following new precautions to protect both our staff and our clients.

1. Please DO NOT come to the clinic if you are sick or unwell.

2.  Mask wearing is at the discretion of the individual, many people have had the virus, some have been vaccinated, etc.  This goes for our employees and doctors, too.  However, as of now doctors and technicians are still wearing mask in rooms.  Doctors and technicians may begin playing off what you (the client) is doing at some point.  ie, if client is not a wearing mask, doctor and/or technician may not.  

3. When calling in refills for medication or food, if you would like to pay over the phone, just let the receptionist know - this will limit your time in the clinic.

4. Please avoid kissing, hugging or being in your pet's face while the doctor and technician are performing their exam - the virus has not gone away....

5. Please DO NOT "hang" or "lean" on counters while being helped and give others space.

6. You may also be interested in using our "Online Pharmacy" to order prescriptions through.  This allows medications to be delivered directly to your home and many times at a discount to you.  This link is available at the top of our website.

7. Please use common sense, if you are sick, have been around someone who is sick and your pet does not need immediate attention - we can reschedule your appointment - there is no charge for cancelling the appointment.

We also would like to encourage you to watch your local news in order to stay informed on any other announcements.

*Thank you as always for your support and cooperation during this time.   We truly appreciate our clients and pets for making this as smooth an adjustment as possible.  All the best to everyone and take care.*

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